Improve Operational Efficiency

visual inspection monitoring


  • Visitors Analytics- Entrance
  • Event monitoring - Billing
  • Display Racks / Shopping Area
  • Warehouse cameras
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visual inspection monitoring

Food and Hospitality

  • Customer experience Analytics
  • Restaurant hygiene monitor
  • Counter Auto check out
  • Housekeeping monitor
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visual inspection monitoring


  • Workplace safety and Compliance
  • Routine and special inspections
  • Inventory Management
  • Attendance and Access control
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Value Proposition

Automate Visual Inspection Monitoring

Most of the Operational workflow in your enterprise is semi-automated and captured by an ERP system. However the Visual inspection monitoring workflows still depend heavily on manual reporting. VisionBot helps you in Automating these workflows using AI and Deep Learning

Augment Field Reporting

Obtain real time reports and alerts from field or shopfloor from existing fixed video cameras that require no additional investment on hardware (for cloud first solution). Alternatively field workers can send reports over images, video or text for on duty reporting.
VisionBot leverages Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence for detecting objects, events and anomalies and provides automated or on demand alerts and reports. This helps your field workforce and supervisory staff to focus more on their core tasks and services.

Cloud first deployment

Storing Visual content for monitoring from fixed video cameras require a large amount of disk storage space running into hundreds of TeraBytes. Moving data for sharing across multiple offices and sites requires significant amount of replication and overheads of time and cost.
VisionBot Cloud first implementation helps you reduce local storage as well eases content sharing across your offices and sites. VisionBot enables your enterprise to store only objective data derived from visual imagery rather than hundreds of hours of video - thereby saving valuable storage space and cost. Cloud implementation ensures that anyone can access these reports and data from locations across the globe at anytime.

How It Works

As an enterprise your organization is typically creating a huge amount of videos from cameras for visual inspection monitoring for your business. Unlike textual content , video imagery cannot be collated and therefore are only stored passively. A significant amount of employee time is consumed in viewing these videos to understand the events or context thorugh visual inspection monitoring.

VisionBot's Intelligent Video Analytics uses Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence to derive objective understanding from these video content thereby offering businesses the opportunity get the most out of their visual content and create powerful insights for decision making.

VisionBot helps improve Operational efficiency through capability to detect specific objects and analyze events in real time for the specific tasks of your organisational workflows.

This achieves ROI by its ability to derive objective analysable data from subjective visuals without manual intervention.

VisionBot is offered in two modes:

  • Public cloud based Software as Services (SaaS) model - this model enables a fast start with minimal investment.
  • An on premise service in Hybrid/ Private Cloud/ Data center for specific Enterprise requirements.

Visionbot is an adaptive platform and learns through own model training that works on self service basis enabling you to define custom object definitions.

You can also provide VisionBot with defined outcomes : what and how do you want Visionbot to report what it "observes".

Once the training is complete and the system defined, no more human interaction is required, until you have reasons to modify the desired outcome.

Define the source of visuals
Define the Outcome
24/7 observations and Reporting