About us

Introducing VisionBot, a cutting-edge Video Analytics as a Service (VAaaS) solution for visual inspection and content monitoring. VisionBot utilizes modern AI technologies of Computer vision and Natural Language processing to help derive objective insights and reporting, from subjective visuals captured over Realtime Video and Static Camera feeds, that can drive maximum resource utilization and deliver high availability and performance accuracy for your most critical applications, bringing a positive impact on workflow processes of all enterprises. We believe that Enterprises stand to benefit significant ROI on investments in AI driven automated visual monitoring and inspection in a digital ready world.

Our pre-trained and custom-built machine learning model sets can automatically identify a wide range of objects, locations, and actions in both stored and streamed videos, right out of the box. With constant updates, including new objects and concepts, our solution is always at the forefront of the industry. Additionally, our AutoML Video Intelligence feature provides a user-friendly interface, allowing those with minimal machine learning experience to train custom models and classify and track objects and events in videos. At VisionBot, we are dedicated to continuously developing new solutions utilizing ML and AI, and our platform leverages the scalability and availability of cloud services to offer unparalleled computer vision solutions.

We are a team of executives with several years of experience in leadership positions in building and adopting technologies for large enterprises. The founding team comes with complimentary skill sets in product development, technology roll out, enterprise solutioning and expanding partner ecosystem. Having worked across various markets around the world we bring a global perspective to scaling up our solution. VisionBot services can be delivered across geographies in equal measure and our locale agnostic perspective helps us in partnering with businesses across the globe.

The team at VisionBot believe in ethical use of AI, our mission is to democratize Artifical Intelligence for all , and aim to simplify the deployment and acquisition of AI data with increased agility, sensible economics, and a seamless end-user experience.

Our motto is to ensure a excellent user experience through the right combination self service and customer support on this platform

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Prakash Prabhu (Chief of Business) comes with over 25 years of Sales, Business Development and Entrepreneurial experience, Prakash is a veteran in business strategy, policy development in sales and customer service, resource management and partner development. Prakash has worked in leadership roles at Apex Solutions, Tech Pacific and as Country Manager for Axis Communications, was mostly responsible to drive the shift towards IP based surveillance for India. He is well respected in the Security and Surveillance space and also has helped establish Businesses for M/s LENEL in the Capacity as a Regional Sales Director- South Asia and for M/s PELCO by Schneider as General Manager apart from mentoring many agile entrepreneurial set-ups.

Prakash holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and has completed post-graduate courses in Communication networks, Mobile Computing, IT Project Management from IIT.

Amit Chakraborty (Chief of Technology) is a technology executive with consistent experience and continued passion for building compelling products and driving market adoption in Data and Analytics. Prior to VisionBot, he worked as Director, Data Platforms at Visa Inc. where he implemented Platform as Service (PaaS) for critical Big Data and Machine learning clusters with thousands of nodes. Prior to that as CTO of EnableM Technologies he led the building up of awrad winning cloud based adaptive learning platform. Earlier to that he worked as Development Director in Home Land Security for Rolta Ltd. and earlier in leading mobile network and OS companies based out of India,Europe and the US.

Amit holds a B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology.

Michael McCoy (CBO- USA) has over 15 years' experience in real estate, construction and retail domains. Prior to Visionbot, Michael worked in property acquisitions and development with Majestic Holdings Ltd working for Lowe's retail chain oveseeing end to end property development. At VisionBot he brings his experience in retail and construction domains coupled with his deep expertise in building strategic partnerships. A technology ethusiast, Michael is of the firm belief that Artificial Intelligence can augment human capabilities for the larger good of the society.

Michael holds a B.A. degree from Eastern Kentucky University

Venugopal Koka has held senior leadesrhip positions in manufacturing companies and is a proponent of quality and six signma adoption in this sector. Mr.Koka has earlier CEO of GE Lighting and Director of SABIC. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and post graduate degree in Industrial Engineering

Santhosh Nair is a seasoned technologist with over 20 years of experience in the software development, QA and technology leadership. He had held various positions such as Director, Project Manager and Principal Software Engineer in Vestas Wind Power Systems, NetHawk Networks etc and had worked as Consultant at Motorola and Sycamore Networks.Mr.Nair holds an MS degree from IIT Madras.

Dr. Joseph Barr is an experienced seasoned data scientist with 20-year track record of providing value to customers in government, healthcare, energy/utilities and finance. Dr.Barr is a VP Research Acronics and is on the Advisory Board of a few start ups. Earlier Dr.Barr was Chief Analytics Office for Home Union, Chief scientist at ID Analytics, CTO at Chi Analytics and also a visiting scholar at the University of California Irvine and an Adjunct Professor at San Diego State University.  He holds a doctoral degree in mathematics from the University of New Mexico.