Getting Back To Work - New Normal

VisionBot™ is a Cloud Based AI & Computer Vision Platform that derives analysable objective data regarding objects, people and events from streaming or stored videos.

Lets put this situation behind us - we want to get back to our workspaces !
Agreed, you need staff to get back to businesses in offices, factories and retail stores.
You need your staff , customers and guests to remain safe

  • Entry Control
  • Social distancing
  • Wearing masks
  • Sanitisation activity of common areas
  • Sanitisation activity at work stations

How will you ensure this? VisionBot™ enables you monitor your workplace 24X7 through its AI enabled Computer Vision Capabilities.

  • Utilises existing camera infrastructure
  • No upfront costs
  • Monitor specific objects at various location
  • Real time event logs
  • Alerts for pre-determined events
  • Predictive analytics

Situational Compliance at:

  • Entrance Sections
  • Office workspace
  • Factory Section
  • Pantry and Common Areas

Entrance Gate cameras and Access Control:

CCTV camera feeds from entrance gate cameras provide the following insights:
  • Analyse visitors and employees entering over a specified period of time.
  • Evaluate people based on their identity (employees or registered contractors)
  • Seamlessly and non-intrusively check for body temperature

Office workspace area:

CCTV camera feeds from executive workspaces provide the following insights:
  • Social distancing
  • Wearing masks
  • Periodicity of sanitisation
  • Replenishment of sanitisers
  • Continuously monitor feeds to identify anomalies or other incidents
  • Store information in a compliance database that can be accessed by authorised staff from Facilities, Health and Safety or HR departments

Factory / Warehouse Area:

CCTV camera feeds from inside factory premises and warehouses provide the following insights:
  • Ensure that workers maintain safe distancing while at work
  • Ensure that workers keep wearing masks and standard head and foot gear at work
  • In specific cases specialised harness can also be detected after special training to the AI software
  • Anomalies or exceptions are reported based on workspace section and time of day.

Pantry / Common areas:

  • Social distancing
  • Wearing masks
  • Periodicity of sanitisation
  • Replenishment of sanitisers
  • Continuously monitor feeds to identify anomalies or other incidents

Monitoring of Sanitisation of workspace:

  • Periodicity of sanitisation
  • Analytics to help facility teams to perform better and optimise their efforts
  • Detect specific objects and conditions

Artificial Intelligence maintains privacy:

VisionBot is essentially software that implements machine vision. Therefore it is programmed to adhere to existing rules and ethics of privacy. For example it is not equipped to detect people’s identity. While it does detect faces with mask or without mask – it is not capable of recognising faces and therefore reporting is done on an anonymous basis. The anomalies reported are done as collection identifying only the location (eg. Office bay and time of the day)

VisionBot can be implemented in two ways

On Premise Edge Computing
We recommend the On Premise Data Center mode for installations that have or likely to add a large number of cameras. Cameras are easily installed either through our partners or by third party service providers. VisionBot works with most modern IP CCTV camera systems subject to adequate ambient light conditions. VisionBot server(s) will be installed at local Data Center over a network either cabled or over wide area wifi.
Cloud based implementation
For smaller sites or temporary sites we recommend an asset light implementation of VisionBot. In this case there is no need of installing servers and data centre operations. Cameras can be directly interfaced to VisionBot cloud servers through appropriate internet routers. There is no upfront investments except cameras and switches.
This configuration is highly popular and effective as it can also connect multiple sites that provides senior executive 24X7 access to field data and visuals.

VisionBot is a scalable system that can be used to analyse hundreds of camera feeds. It is cloud based thereby ensuring that Enterprise staff can access the data and information anywhere and anytime. Simultaneous monitoring of hundreds of cameras across multiple locations also provides deep insights for strategic planning, resource management and improves operation efficiency of organisations.