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As an agile start-up with a strong commitment to our partner relationships, we believe in building diverse channels to address the growing Organizational demands for real time accurate data.  

Our cloud first, scalable SaaS platform is a disruptor in the AI enabled video analytics space and brings the value addition that could provide a regular revenue source for many CCTV system integrators and service providers.

CCTV SI partners would benefit by adding value to their customers investment in Video with little or zero incremental investment.

As a subscription model it allows a steady stream of additional revenue for the partner for every camera enabled on our VisionBot platform. VisionBot Partnership Program (VPP) offers business opportunities for:

  • Video Integration Partners:
  • Companies currently involved in delivering End to End surveillance equipment and CCTV camera installations.

  • Alliance Partners:
  • Companies and consultants involved in providing SaaS services : Video hosting, Cloud , Digital Transformation

  • Solution Development Partners:
  • Companies who would like to build service offerings: Enterprise Resource Planning,Business Reporting, Process Improvements using information from the VisionBot Platform

If you are working in the field of CCTV, Video Management Systems and want to grow your profits –

Do get in touch with us today !

Partnership is the cornerstone of our go-to-market strategy
Clear engagement
Investment in long-term relationships
Develop customer loyalty and mindshare
Increase VisionBot product knowledge and confidence
Dedicated to partner success
Creating business opportunities
Marketing and Sales support ensuring you add value to your business
Performance driven Special Pricing
Support for pilot implementation
Marketing and Networking
Monthly newsletter and partner web presence
Sharing of common opportunities
Sourcing support

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