Food & Hospitality


VisionBot is a Cloud Based AI & Computer Vision Platform that derives analysable objective data regarding objects, people and events from streaming or stored videos. Our target market is the Smart Cities Solutions that need custom object and event detection through 24x7 visual monitoring to improve operational efficiency.

VisionBot leverages Neural Networks and Deep learning to achieve accuracy of detection and minimising false positives. We have built this platform based on our team's deep skill sets and experience in data science, machine learning and cloud services. We remain in a continuous mode of bringing innovative new solutions around Machine Vision that helps improve operational efficiency of Enterprises.

VisionBot can also be offered as an on premise service in Hybrid / Private Cloud / Data Centre for enterprise requirements. It features an adaptive platform and learns on its own training. Users can also expedite training by providing preferences that makes it more efficient. VisionBot works in both online (real time camera feed) or offline(stored video) modes. It offers the following features:

  • Incidents /events report
  • Alerts for pre-determined events
  • Real time event logs
  • Predictive analytics

In the Food & Hospitality industry, VisionBot helps in automated food identification, tracking of at food counters, automated visual monitoring for tracking inventory and billing transactions at counters, empty tables detection in dine-in restaurants and also in judging the customer satisfaction by facial detection of the diner's happiness.


Following demonstrates the identification of two items: Fries and green salad in various grabs from cameras.

1. Adding Food Items

VisionBot provides a method to train up the model for adding various food items.

2. Estimation of Quantity

Based on requirements quantity of the food item can also be estimated

3. Connectivity to external services:

VisionBot provides customised REST API connectivity for external client services. Images can be stored in an ftp location from where it is accessed based on credentials passed over in the API. Objective data derived from the visual is sent back to the client through the same web service.


VisionBot helps in automated detection of all transactions happening at the billing counters for validation and auditing.


VisionBot helps in automated detection of all empty tables/chairs in the restaurant so that diners can be directed in the right direction or dining hall.


Guest Analytics is crucial for every restaurant as it provides enables insights into customer behavioral patterns helping Sales predictions, Inventory composition and Predicting trends.

Data for Customer Analytics can be provided by Restaurant managers or executives-however a more consistent and round the clock methodology is to implement an automated visual monitoring of CCTV cameras within the restaurant.

One of the applications is counting and segregation of customers in various restaurants in a chain. It is expected to report the following of customers entering the stores:

Foot fall count Gender Group or Individual


Guest Experience Analytics is an important tool that provides deep insights into areas of excellence or improvements in the user experience of guests. This ensures customer loyalty and recurring business. It also helps in understanding daily, weekly and seasonal trends and can provide insights into restaurant workflow management and suggest changes to interior decor

Reception : Meet and greet Waiting area Guests with happy face

While all the above are also provided by restaurant receptionist and managers in an anecdotal way - 24X7 objective data can only be provided through an automated visual monitoring system as VisionBot .


A continuous monitoring of hygiene conditions as cleanliness on tables and passages helps in ensuing both user experience as well as operation efficiency of staff. Hygiene conditions are becoming extremely important in current scenario as :

Hygiene at tables:

Central marketing and user experience teams of Restaurant chains would be interested in :

  • How fast and how well are tables cleaned before a guest arrives operations managers will be interested in understanding:
  • How fast are tables cleaned after the guests leave the table

Hygiene at kitchens:

Monitoring hygiene at kitchens are considered to be one of determining reasons for selecting a restaurant over another and many restaurants take pride in flaunting to guests. Only a round the clock automated monitoring and alert system can ensure that kitchen hygiene is maintained of a high standard.


VisionBot can be implemented in two ways

On Premise Edge Computing

We recommend the On Premise Data Center mode for installations that have or likely to add a large number of cameras. Cameras are easily installed either through our partners or by third party service providers. VisionBot works with most modern IP CCTV camera systems subject to adequate ambient light conditions.

VisionBot server(s) will be installed at local Data Center over a network either cabled or over wide area wifi.

Cloud based implementation

For smaller sites or temporary sites we recommend an asset light implementation of VisionBot.

In thiscase there is no need of installing servers and data centre operations. Cameras can be directly interfaced to VisionBot cloud servers through appropriate internet routers. There is no upfront investments except cameras and switches. This configuration is highlypopular and effective as it can also connect multiple sites that provides senior executive 24X7 access to field data and visuals.

VisionBot is a scalable system that can be used to analyse hundreds of camera feeds. It is cloud based thereby ensuring that Enterprise staff can access the data and information anywhere and anytime. Simultaneous monitoring of hundreds of cameras across multiple locations also provides deep insights for strategic planning, resource management and improves operation efficiency of organisations.